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Review third-party, independent documentation, from organizations like ASTM and Green Wise®, that substantiates UGL’s product claims.

5 Reasons Why DRYLOK® Blows Competitors out of the Water!

Whether you’re a homeowner with DIY inclinations or a professional responsible for volume applications, masonry waterproofing is the kind of job worth doing right the first time. Apply an inferior product to concrete, cinder blocks, brick, or stone, and you could end up with a real mess. Imagine investing in a product, then putting in…Continue Reading

UGL Products Tested and Proven to Be Eco-Friendly

United Gilsonite Laboratories is pleased to announce that DRYLOK® Latex Concrete Floor Paint, ZAR® Ultra Max Wood Stain, and ZAR® Deck & Siding Clear Wood Sealer & Natural Toner Base have passed the CRGI (Coatings Research Group, Inc) GREEN WISE® Certification. These products join UGL EcoLok® Primer Sealer and DRYLOK® Extreme Masonry Waterproofer. Products bearing…Continue Reading

Another A+ for DRYLOK®

Recently, Coatings Research Group, Inc (CRGI) evaluated DRYLOK® Powdered Masonry Waterproofer for alkalinity/efflorescence resistance via CRGI Test Method 74. Testing Method 74 The waterproofer was prepared according to the label directions by mixing the equivalent of 2 pints of cold water with 10 pounds of DRYLOK® powder. After mixing until smooth, the equivalent of 2 pints of…Continue Reading