New – ZAR® Platinum Pro Translucent Urethane Finish


ZAR® Platinum Pro Translucent Urethane Finish is a newly developed product especially developed for the PRO market to apply to vertical non-porous, primed substrates such as fiber cement, panel and lap siding, vinyl, and doors made of fiberglass and steel. It is a one coat application that dries on the average of 15 to 25 minutes.  This enables applicators to save on material (with a one coat application) and time as a result – MONEY.

The ZAR® Platinum Pro Translucent Urethane Finish is unique in the fact that it retains a very high sag resistance. Meaning, this thicker viscosity product can be sprayed with a heavier one coat application no sag versus the conventional translucent stains.

On any primed paintable substrate, this product can be applied with a one coat application. The special aliphatic urethane and acrylic co-polymer blend gives the Platinum Pro great color retention and longevity.

The product is available in 8 ready-mixed colors and is available in 5 gallon and 1-gallon containers

  • Golden Wheat 180
  • Charcoal 181
  • Sage 183
  • Butternut 184
  • Barnwood Gray 185
  • Natural Redwood 187
  • Natural Teak 188
  • Chestnut Brown 189

This product is formulated to be sprayed and comes with a Limited 5/15-year warranty on pre-primed wood and non-porous surfaces.