How to Stain Reed Baskets using ZAR® Wood Stain

Staining Reed Baskets is a great way to add color to an otherwise plain material. To ensure that all the cut ends are stained, it is best to stain the finished basket rather than the unwoven materials. • Be sure to cover the work area with a drop cloth or newspapers. • It is a…Continue Reading

How to Achieve the Look of Wood Grain by Staining Fiberglass

Fiberglass entry doors are the ultimate low maintenance door. They are available with realistic-looking wood grain finishes that makes it very hard to distinguish them from their real wood counterparts. If you want a durable door that won’t dent, rot or rust, fiberglass is the best choice. Manufacturers of fiberglass doors have really come a long way, offering realistic…Continue Reading

DRYLOK® – Good for More Than Basements

UGL knows that not everyone needs a gallon of product to finish those little projects around the home. This is why select DRYLOK® brands can be found in quart sizes. This new quart size not only saves the customer money, but also helps reduce post-consumer waste (when people buy more product than they need). Latex Base DRYLOK® Masonry Waterproofer,…Continue Reading