Two UGL Products Receive CRGI Green Wise® Recertification

Coatings and Research Group (CRGI) recently announced that UGL® EcoLok® Primer Sealer and DRYLOK® Extreme Masonry Waterproofer have achieved CRGI Green Wise® recertification.  

UGL® EcoLok® Primer Sealer, categorized under Exterior Paints / Interior Paints, was tested to meet and/or exceed Mendrel Bend (no cracking over .5” mandrel to meet ASTM D 522-B), Washability (tested with 5 stains to meet ASTM D4828), Odor (meets CRGI TM 78), and Adhesion (tested to meet ASTM 3359 – a minimum of 50% adhesion).

DRYLOK® Extreme Masonry Waterproofer, categorized under Interior/Exterior Above/Below Grade Waterproofers, was tested to meet and/or exceed Hydrostatic Pressure Resistance (no blistering, adhesion loss, softening or discoloration and water droplets {max 6}when tested at 10 psi to meet ASTM D 7088), Adhesion (tested for 50% or better adhesion over concrete to meet ASTM D 3369), Wind-Driven Rain (meets ASTM D 6904 – no visible water leaks and less than 3.2 oz. weight gain when tested at 98 mph), and Odor (tested to meet CRGI TM 78 – a minimum of 6 with 1 being the strongest).