Don’t Neglect Your Deck; Deck It Out with ZAR®

ZAR® Deck and Siding ZAR® Deck and Siding has specialty products for every stage of your deck’s life from beginning to end. A lasting deck needs the right product at the right time. Through every season, you can count on ZAR® to make your deck look its best and remain in tip-top shape. Are you…Continue Reading


There’s one line item left on my spring cleaning bucket list—taking on this linen closet I haven’t touched in about eight years. Relentless rummaging, begone! This quick, easy and affordable closet makeover with ZAR has me and my entire home vibe feeling 100% re-energized. This dingy linen closet was riddled with old paint and a steady mix of practical…Continue Reading

Basement Waterproofing Systems Partnership with Fine Homebuilding and DRYLOK ®

UGL DRYLOK ® partners with Fine Homebuilding to discuss basement waterproofing systems. Watch builders Travis Brungardt and Mike Guertin plus masonry-sealer expert Lance Lang in a roundtable discussion. They will discuss methods and materials for keeping basements dry. If you are building a new home or remodeling an older one and it has a basement,…Continue Reading