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These Case Studies explain why professionals chose DRYLOK®, ZAR®, or UGL® products for their commercial projects and what happened next…

DRYLOK Finishes First in Brand Leader 2021 Survey for Exterior Foundation Waterproofing (Construction Phase)

Each year, BUILDER commissions Zonda to conduct an in-depth study surveying what brands builders recognize and use most and rate the products’ quality. In this annual survey, builders select the building product brands they know best and use most. Zonda recently completed the 2021 Builder Brand Use Study. DRYLOK Masonry Waterproofer finished number one (#1)…Continue Reading

New Duplex Homes Choose The DRYLOK® Sealed Cladding System

When choosing exterior finishes for residential homes, understanding the environment is key to success. Moreover, when you own the property, the plan is to select an exterior finish that provides both longevity and value. DEEB Family Homes consider three key characteristics when choosing an exterior cladding system. When they are planning for their new duplex…Continue Reading