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“Dry-In” means that the building shell has been completed sufficiently to keep out wind, rain, or the weather in general, thus assuring that weather-sensitive materials or work can begin indoors without those materials suffering weather damage by rain, wind, snow, etc.

For high-rise buildings, dry-in may on occasion be confined to just that portion of the building where interior work is contemplated.

For any building construction project the responsible architect, engineer, or contractor may specify special temporary building protective measures to achieve temporary dry-in status to permit certain interior work to begin.

Negative Side Dry-In Doing It Right and Doing it Fast

5 Biggest Dry-In Mistakes 1. Not knowing the need for dry-in  What is dry-in? General contractors use the term dry-in to define that time during construction when the envelope is sufficiently “dried-in.” This allows installation of weather-sensitive materials, such as drywall to begin. The dry-in process allows the finishing work to occur on the interior…Continue Reading