b'ACCESSORY DRYLOK PRODUCTDRYLOK POWDER CONCRETE AND MASONRY ETCH & CLEANERDRYLOK Powder Concrete and Masonry Etch & Cleaner is highly effective in etching masonry, stone, tile, and brick. It removes unsightly efflorescence (salt deposits) as well as excess mortar. Safer alternative to muriatic acid, to treat smooth concrete and condition galvanized surfaces prior to painting.This product is an essential part of the waterproofing process.PreparePatchWaterproofFEATURES: BENEFITS:Formula:powder Prepares smooth concrete for Application tools:stiff brush paintingLocation:interior, exterior, horizontal, vertical Removes efflorescence (salt deposits)Where to use:smooth or highly troweled concrete walkways, patios,Cleans mortar from brick and tilegarage floors, basements, driveways, carports, concrete tennis courts, removes efflorescence Conditions galvanized surfaces for CSI Masterformat:03 01 00 MAINTENANCE OF CONCRETE paintingNo harmful fumes, safer and easier to use and store than muriatic acidPerfect product to use to prepare surfaces for DRYLOK Latex Concrete Floor Paint, DRYLOK E1 One-Part Epoxy Floor Paint, and DRYLOK Masonry Waterproofer1300 Sq Ft 20-30 MinApplication Coverage per 12 Oz Active TimeWaterClean up12 OZ.6/Case 01908UNITED GILSONITE LABORATORIEShttps://www.ugl.com 19'