b'ACCESSORY ZAR PRODUCTSZAR PAINT AND VARNISH REMOVERZAR Semi-Paste Formula Paint and Varnish Remover is a biodegradable, nonflammable stripper ideal for the removal of all types of paints, polyurethanes, two-component epoxy coatings, light industrial and marine grade finishes.FEATURES: BENEFITS:Formula:semi-paste, eco-friendly Rapid penetration (works on Application tools:apply with brush or roller and remove with scraper multiple surfaces without damaging the surface)Location:interior, exterior, horizontal, vertical Heavy duty strengthWhere to use:layers of latex and oil based paint, polyurethane, lacquer,Easy to apply semi-pasteshellac, varnish, two-component epoxy coating and light industrial and marine grade finishes Removes latex and oil based paints, lacquers, varnishes, polyurethanes and two component epoxy coatingsNonflammable, biodegradableDoes not contain ozone depleting chemicals115 Min - 2 Hr Application Action TimeSoap and Water0Clean up VOC1 QT.6/Case 40112 1 GAL.2/Case 40113UNITED GILSONITE LABORATORIEShttps://www.ugl.com 40'