b'MAINTENANCE AND REPAIRUGL 222 SPACKLING PASTEUGL 222 Spackling Paste is an all-purpose patching compound for interior or exterior use. This dust control formula will allow for faster clean up and less mess. Ideal for patching cracked plaster, filling nail holes, and smoothing surface imper-fections on drywall and wood. UGL 222 Spackling Paste is a nonshrinking formula that sands easily.UGL 222 Spackling Paste saves time, is budget-friendly, builds up without sagging, and sands easily.FEATURES: BENEFITS:Formula:latex base Ready to use Application tools:putty knife, broad knife Repair nail holes and patches Location:interior, exterior cracks and gougesWhere to use:cracked plaster walls, nail holes, and surfaceSmooths surface imperfectionsimperfections on drywall, and unprimed wood Dust control formula, sands easily with minimal messPatch then paint, no primer needed156 Cu In2 HrApplication Coverage per Qt Set TimeSoap and WaterClean upWhite1/2 PT.6/Case 317061 QT.6/Case 31712NOTE: COLOR SWATCHES ARE REPRESENTATIONAL ONLY.WARNING: Cancerwww.P65Warnings.ca.govUNITED GILSONITE LABORATORIEShttps://www.ugl.com 47'