b'MAINTENANCE AND REPAIRUGL GLAZOL GLAZING COMPOUNDUGL Glazol Glazing Compound remains pliable, does not chip or crack and has year-round workability. UGL Glazol Glazing Compoundforms a cushion against shock and vibration when used in replacing broken glass and is ideal for use as a knife-grade caulking compound. For best results, UGL Glazol Glazing Compoundshould be painted after it is applied.FEATURES: BENEFITS:Formula:oil base, putty Superior to putty for replacing Application tools:putty knife broken glass in either wood ormetal window sashLocation:interior, exterior Year-round workability Where to use:wood and metal sashes, plumbing fixtures, and fillingPaintablecracks and nail holesSpecification:C-669CSI Masterformat:08 01 52.61 WOOD WINDOW REPAIRS 08 03 14 HISTORIC TREATMENT OF WOOD DOORS 08 03 51.23 HISTORIC TREATMENT OF STEEL WINDOWS 08 03 51.33 HISTORIC TREATMENT OF ALUMINUM WINDOWS 08 05.52 HISTORIC TREATMENT OF WOOD WINDOWS156 Cu In25 Min - 1 HrApplication Coverage per Qt Set TimeMineral Spirits 32 g/LClean up VOC1/2 PT.6/Case 315061 PT.6/Case 315111 QT.6/Case 315121 GAL.2/Case 31513WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harmwww.P65Warnings.ca.govUNITED GILSONITE LABORATORIEShttps://www.ugl.com 51'