Liz Horlacher, buyer at UGL, fills a seat on the board of the Lackawanna Historical Society

Recently the Lackawanna Historical Society appointed UGL Buyer Liz Horlacher to the 14 – member Board. She has been a member of the society for approximately two years prior to this appointment. A goal of Horlacher is to recruit new members and help organize events geared towards the next generation. Horlacher is excited to be a part of a team that is focused on a common goal of preserving local history.

She has always been interested in preserving local history, and this was the opportunity for her to step in and contribute to the community. Liz has plenty of family history with the organization. Her father, who recently passed away, sat on the board for 39 years. Now she honors him by continuing to work for a cause that was of great importance to him.

Our community is rich in history, there are so many interesting stories to tell about our area. Organizations like Lackawanna Historical Society are what help to keep these stories alive,” says Horlacher.

Liz wants to continue to spark interest in our local history and culture, like her father did for her.


The Lackawanna Historical Society(LHS) was founded in 1886. The mission of the LHS is to collect, preserve and interpret the artifacts, archives and bibliographic materials of the social, cultural and economic history of Lackawanna County and Northeastern Pennsylvania.