UGL Celebrates Milestones

Our employees make UGL successful

Congratulations to our employees who have dedicated their time and talents to making UGL successful. From left to right, 50 years of service Steve (Red) Prendergast, Donald Sinibaldi, and Steven Casper; for 10 years of service Paul Orr. Acknowledging their accomplishments is Jim Tates, UGL CEO.

UGL currently has 30 employees which have been with our company for 25 years or more. And we are privileged to work with three employees who have been with us nearly 50 years or more. We know that our company is rare and we value these employees’ tenacity and adaptability, as we know, much has changed in 50 years and they have been able to adapt through it all. These employees are the heart of our organization and we appreciate them every day.

Along with the celebration of these significant milestones, all gathered to wish Steven Casper a happy retirement and wished him the best for this new chapter in his life.