ZAR® Packaging Gets a New Look

New Packaging for ZAR

Paint and hardware stores will soon start to see a new look from United Gilsonite Laboratories on both ZAR® Interior and Exterior Stain labels. The fresh design brings the labels in line with the rest of the ZAR® family of products.

Joseph McGraw, Advertising and Marketing Director for UGL says, Each of the product families – DRYLOK® Masonry Care and Repair, ZAR® Wood Care, and UGL® Maintenance and Repair – features a new and distinct design pattern. They are immediately identifiable as our well-known and highly-productive UGL brand products. And, we are pleased to announce that many of the products feature award-winning package design.”

The new labels feature the main product descriptor and accurately showcase the color in the can. The interior stain line has specially-designed icons that describe benefits over competing products to help make choosing ZAR® an easy decision. Both the interior and exterior stain labels include attractive photography that will help move the product off the store shelf.

Although the can may sport a new and different design on the outside, the same ZAR® quality and reliability is on the inside,” says McGraw.