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In addition to working with Green Standard Certification Firms, like Coatings Research Group, Inc., UGL has created its own Green Products Standards that meet or exceed current regulations. Examples: exceeding VOC requirements, featuring a low odor formulation, and cleaning up easily with water. These products are identified on this website by a Standard of Excellence” icon.

The following products meet UGL Green Products Standards and have earned the highly respected Green Wise® Certification:

When formulating new products, UGL’s development team weights equally the importance of meeting or exceeding green standards — both present and future, and adherence to the toughest quality standards. In doing this, we increase worker safety while minimizing health hazards and environmental impact.

United Gilsonite Laboratories’ facilities are strategically located throughout the United States to facilitate streamlined distribution, and prioritize the conservation of fuel and energy. Each plant is mandated to reduce waste production whenever possible, and recycle final waste materials.