Co-Op Advertising

Our Co-Op Partnership Program

UGL’s Co-Op Program works on an accrual basis during the calendar year: January 1 through December 31. As you make purchases, you increase the amount of Co-Op dollars available to you. Co-Op funds must be used within the calendar year in which they are accrued.

For planning purposes, we can provide you with an estimate of Co-Op funds available. This estimate would be made based on your previous year’s purchases. Note: UGL bases your Co-Op allowance on drop ship purchases from a UGL warehouse. In the event you buy our products from a distributor or buying group warehouse, Co-Op claims should be sent to your distributor or buying group headquarters for submittal to UGL.


UGL reimburses for the media time/​space devoted to UGL products only. We reimburse dealers in two different ways depending on which UGL products you promote:

UGL will reimburse dealers 50% for advertising DRYLOK® masonry products, UGL® Maintenance & Repair, UGL® Caulks & Sealants, and UGL® Paint Specialties, up to 2.5% of purchases year-to-date.

Dealers stocking and advertising ZAR® Exterior Stains and Deck Care Products, ZAR® Wood Stains & Clear Finishes, and ZAR® Paint & Varnish Remover, will be reimbursed 66% of their ad cost, up to 3.3% of year-to-date purchases.


UGL will provide you with everything you need to advertise our products. High resolution photography and line art are available for your use. Our line art collection contains several ads, as well as material you can use to create your own advertisements. We also have radio scripts and TV broadcast tapes for custom tagging. Please specify format for broadcast tapes.


No prior approval for the creative is needed if you are using materials supplied by UGL. However, if you plan to create your own advertisement, we suggest you mail, fax or email it to UGL in advance to be certain it will qualify for Co-Op. Be sure to identify our products correctly using current reproduction material, and make no product claims that UGL does not make in its own packaging, advertising or literature. Registered trademarks must be noted with a ®.

Submitting a Claim

So we may process your claim as quickly as possible, please submit the following:

  • Newspaper - A full page tearsheet showing the ad and a copy of the complete original newspaper invoice indicating your net space cost.
  • Radio & TV — ANA/RAB documentation for radio or ANA/TVB documentation for television. Your station representative will provide you with the necessary information to submit an electronic tearsheet.”
  • Direct Mail — A copy of the entire mailer, the printer’s invoice and postal or delivery receipts showing cost and distribution.
  • Other Media (if approved in advance) — Copies of paid invoices and proof of performance.

Be sure to include your UGL Customer Account Number along with UGL’s portion of advertising on each claim!

Download Claim Form Here

Submit claims and any questions you may have to the account’s UGL sales representative.

Deadline: We should receive the claim no later than 60 days from the date of the media invoice and must be submitted in the same fiscal year of the claim.


Depending on how you purchase UGL products, we will issue a credit memo either directly to you, or to the headquarters of the distributor or buying group from which you purchased UGL products (they will, in turn, issue a credit to you).